Our one lap Half M takes the journey from the Race Start on the High Street, through the Historical & Picturesque 12th Century Kenilworth Castle, out into the beautiful Warwickshire countryside and back, all on closed roads.



I’d like to write a message of thanks to you for your advice and coaching this year, building my confidence and achieving the various running goals I had set for myself which I didn’t think I could achieve over a year ago.


It all started this time last year, when I followed your training advice to run a sub-50 10K. After weeks of training (and Telford being snowed off in December and rescheduled for January), I smashed the sub-50 dream, something I didn’t think I can do (I have never been a sporty person, and I was always the slowest person on sports day in primary school).

After the Gene test, I decided to change my focus towards more endurance based challenges. After encourage and advice from you, I ran and completed (comfortably) the Keswick half marathon then the Hawkshead 17k trail race. I was completely over the moon with what I have achieved… didn’t think I could run trails and hills!

With my change in circumstances (from FT teacher to PT student), I decided to take on an even bigger challenge… to run a road marathon (something I have only done once and over 6 years ago) and then a trail marathon. Although I trained for the road marathon independently, you were always there to answer any questions I have about my training. After smashing my pb by 44 minutes, I asked for your advice on how to train for a trail marathon, something I have never done before. Following your advice, I was still very nervous on the start line at Broadway last Sunday. It was by far the most physically punishing but rewarding experience I have done (maybe except pregnancy and childbirth), and although I am still hobbling with a sore knee today, I am hugely proud of what I have achieved. Running with the green army kept me going the last 6 miles. I am just so pleased to have completed Broadway in *much* less than 6 hours, which was the goal I had set in my mind. I’ll now be looking for other local scenic trail marathons to run next summer/autumn…

How exciting to be able to train as athletes train, on a track, with proper running coaches, and run with others who also find that kind of running exciting too?!

Jane P

I found out that is what you could do with Kenilworth Runners, from a friend’s husband. I wanted some of that!

I had only been running for a couple of years and with perseverance and determination, I’d got the bug and had already made big in roads to my parkrun pb and 10ks. Running at Edmondscote track sounded great fun, something new, so gave I it a go as guest member and loved it!

I was one of the slowest but that really didn’t matter as the brilliant atmosphere kept me going back.  Pretty much every Wednesday night since has become one of the highlights of my week.  In the process of having so much fun, gaining some great running buddies, and learning so much about myself and my running, I have made progress I am still finding hard to believe.

In 2 years since joining Kenilworth Runners I’ve knocked over 4 half mins off to go sub 21 in a 5k, and 8 mins off to go sub 44 in a 10k, just through turning up, having lots of fun and giving my running my best shot whilst I’m there! I highly recommend it to anyone thinking of joining a road running club, who also wants this variety of training in their weekly schedule. I love it


I decided to join Kenilworth Runners after going to support my brother, who is also a member, doing his leg of the Hilly 100 in May 2013. I enjoyed seeing the team spirit and social side of the club.  Since then I have joined many club sessions and events, as there is always something going on and it’s really helped me mix my training up, which has helped me improve my 10k time by 5 minutes and my half marathon time by 9 minutes!

Claire D

When I first started running at Kenilworth Runners I could do 3/4 miles but they soon helped  me up to a regular 7/8 miles.  A few years later I’ve now done several half marathons and quite a few obstacle races.  In a few weeks I’m doing my first marathon.   All thanks to the help and support from Kenilworth Runners

Chris H

” Joining Kenilworth Runners Youth has been the best thing my son has ever done. Not only does he get great guidence from the club volunteers for a safe and healthy pastime, but twice a week he gets to be part of a team.The confidence that he has gained from being encouraged and supported by other club members at events, from all different ages and abilities, just because he is wearing a club vest has been amazing, and this has spread into all areas of his life . I couldn’t recommend it highly enough !! “


“My motivations for joining a running club were pretty simple; I wanted to get better at running and get involved in more racing. “

Steve M

For me personally, I love the Track Sessions, they continue to teach me how to increase my speed, and how to do it properly without getting injured. If you then combine that with the wealth of support and advice that is available from the incredible experience and talent held within this club, you have a recipe for some serious improvement.

Whatever your ability, you will find people from Kenilworth Runners at the same level as you, and you will find people at a level that you aspire to; but you will also find people that are inclusive and encouraging however fast they can run. There is real sense of pride from everyone at the club who dons the Kenilworth green vest, and turning up at a race surrounded by one of the strongest and most passionate clubs in the region really does see the minutes dropping off those PBs.”

“So for 3 years I resisted joining. I can train myself to run, why do I need people telling me how to do it? I was quite happy, improving year on year, slowly getting better. Then in April I had a setback, running the London Marathon much slower than I’d anticipated. That was the cue to look for help. I’m glad I did.”

Matt G

The welcoming nature of the club is what strikes you first. Everyone happy to talk and share experiences. It doesn’t matter what level you’re at, you run and there’s a common bond between us all. Every ability is catered for and no one is left out. 

I wish I’d joined 3 years ago, in the 5 months since joining I have made mass improvements, culminating in September 2014, when I PB’ed at 5k, 10k and Half Marathon within 4 weeks of each other. I’m now sub 20, sub 40 and sub 90 respectively. Never thought that would happen. Thank you to all at the club, I’ve never enjoyed running so much with all of you”

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