Our one lap Half M takes the journey from the Race Start on the High Street, through the Historical & Picturesque 12th Century Kenilworth Castle, out into the beautiful Warwickshire countryside and back, all on closed roads.


Kenilworth Half Marathon

Our one lap Half Marathon takes the journey from the Race Start on the High Street, through the Historical & Picturesque 12th Century Kenilworth Castle, out into the beautiful Warwickshire countryside and back, all on closed roads.

Thanks to Our Sponsors

We would like to thank our sponsors for this event who help us to put on the event and provide you with one of the best half marathon runs in the year.

Race Information

2022 General Info – for reference until full 2023 Details Published

We are hoping that our event in September 2022 will be “back to normal” although numbers and chip timing bands will again be posted a week before the race, and we will keep the 8 start zones based on your predicted finish times, race results based on chip timing NOT gun time. We will provide further information during the coming months and INFO PACKS will be sent out to entrants by email a few weeks before the race.

Car parking is available in several car parks around the town (fee payable), although these may fill quickly.

There is also parking on some roads in the town. Local runners are requested to walk or cycle to the event. Portable toilets will be available next to the public toilets near Abbey End and a couple of portaloos on the course.

Please arrive arrive ready to run and go to your start area in Warwick Road approximately 10 minutes before the start and disperse from the finish area as soon as possible when finished. There are several cafes/bars in Abbey End at the finish.

We will have a INFORMATION stand in Abbey End for anyone not receiving their number or chip in the post and any last minute entries (agreed with the Organiser).

The course will be entitely closed to traffic (although cyclists seem to ignore this). Only bone conduction ear phones will be allowed in the race. There will be water stations approximately every 2 miles where plastic free cups will be available. Please dispense these in large bags provided just after each water station.

Medals will be back in 2022 AS WELL as our long sleeved technical tops (but what colour will it be in 2022????).

The Route

The route follows a 1 lap course Starting and Finishing at the clock tower in Kenilworth and going through Kenilworth Castle. The route is described as “undulating and interesting”.

Footage from our 2021 Event

Race Day Photos

Professional photographers YOURRACEDAY will be taking photographs at the Kenilworth Half Marathon. Photographs can be viewed on their website 24 hours after the finish of the race.

Results & Records

MenPaddy RoddyKenilworth Runners1:07:31 ** RACE RECORD **
LadiesKelly EdwardsLeamington C&AC1:21:06
2022 Full Results >>
MenChris SharpKnowle & Dorridge RC1:10:51
LadiesKelly EdwardsLeamington C&AC1:21:51
2021 Full Results >>
** No Event – Covid19 **
MenDavid HudsonBRJ1:09:29
LadiesKelly EdwardsLeamington C&AC1:22:17
2019 Full Results >>
Men Andrew SaveryLeamington C&AC1:12:51
LadiesPolly KeenNuneaton Harriers1:23:46
2018 Full Results >>
MenPaul AndrewLeamington C&AC1:12:54
LadiesAlice ReedStratford on Avon AC1:22:21
2017 Full Results >>
MenPaddy RoddyKenilworth Runners1:13:04
LadiesErica FoggNew Forest Runners1:22:12
2016 Full Results >>
MenAndrew SiggersKenilworth Runners1:13:32
LadiesKate WrightStratford on Avon AC1:21:26
2015 Full Results >>
MenAndrew SiggersKenilworth Runners1:10:44
LadiesKate WrightStratford on Avon AC1:22:15
2014 Full Results >>
MenBen JonesCoventry Godiva1:08:54
LadiesSue HarrisonLeamington C&AC1:20:30
2013 Full Results >>
MenMatthew ChatawayUnattached1:13:33
LadiesEleanor FowlerNuneaton Harriers1:22:37
2012 Full Results >>
MenBen JonesCoventry Godiva1:09:25
LadiesMyshola KirkhamCoventry Godiva1:25:25
2011 Full Results >>
MenMark HadleyHalesowen1:13:38
LadiesSue HarrisonLeamington C&AC1:17:37 ** RACE RECORD **
2010 Full Results >>
MenPaul AndrewNorthbrook1:13:56
LadiesMyshola KirkhamCoventry Godiva1:23:56
2009 Full Results >>
MenMatt LoleCoventry Godiva1:10:05
LadiesMyshola KirkhamCoventry Godiva1:25:40
2008 Full Results >>
MenChris PennUni of Birmingham1:15:23
LadiesBeth EburneHinckley AC1:17:59
2007 Full Results >>
MenPaul AndrewNorthbrook1:10:54
LadiesHelen FinchSolihull & Small Heath1:25:29
2006 Full Results >>
MenGary PayneGeorge Eliot Striders1:11:20
LadiesCarol AdamsCenturion RC1:24:06
2005 Full Results >>
MenGary PayneGeorge Eliot Striders1:13:53
LadiesSally BakerGrange Farm Trotters1:26:48
2004 Full Results >>
MenGary PayneGeorge Eliot Striders1:12:45
LadiesTracy DarkeHinckley AC1:27:10
2003 Full Results >>
MenDaniel TodMizuno1:09:08
LadiesEmily JapkugeyMizuno1:19:00
2002 Full Results >>
MenAlan JacksonStourport AC1:12:50
LadiesAffa WilliamsUnattached1:34:45
2001 Full Results >>
Note: The half marathon course has changed 4 times over the years. The Race Records are the fastest male and female times over all the years.

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