Our one lap Half M takes the journey from the Race Start on the High Street, through the Historical & Picturesque 12th Century Kenilworth Castle, out into the beautiful Warwickshire countryside and back, all on closed roads.


Coaching & Welfare

Kenilworth Runners Current Coaches & Coaching Qualifications – 29/09/21

Kenilworth Runners currently have 19 qualified Coaches and Run Leaders who will lead and Coach running activities within the club. Each of these has a current License from England Athletics and an up to date DBS check certificate. These are regularly reviewed by England Athletics (our Governing Body) and updated as required.

CIRF = COACH in Running Fitness / LIRF = Leadership In Running Fitness

DavidPettiferCIRF (Athletics Coach) | Coaching Assistant (Coaching Assistance)
StewartUnderhillCIRF (Athletics Coach) | Coaching Assistant (Coaching Assistance) LIRF (Leader)
StefLunnCIRF (Athletics Coach) | Coaching Assistant (Coaching Assistance)
SimonMottersheadCIRF (Athletics Coach) | LIRF (Leader)
PaulineDableAssistant Coach (1)
ColinBaileyLIRF (Leader)
PeterBryanLIRF (Leader)
KellyBurnett NichollLIRF (Leader)
RichardClarkeLIRF (Leader)
BarryElkingtonLIRF (Leader)
PamelaGrimwadeLIRF (Leader)
SallyHicksLIRF (Leader)
RogerHomesLIRF (Leader)
AndyHudsonLIRF (Leader)
SamanthaMoffattLIRF (Leader)
LauraPettiferLIRF (Leader)
JanePhillipsLIRF (Leader)
AnneThomasLIRF (Leader)
RichardZanettiLIRF (Leader)

As well as taking group activities including road running, track training and youth training, our Coaches are available to give individual advice to our members and, in the case of our CIRFs, one to one coaching and advice.


At Kenilworth Runners the Welfare of our members is paramount. Youth training is undertaken by a minimum of two licensed Coaches and in addition parents are encouraged to attend.

Youth members and vulnerable adults are treated with respect and all our Coaches are advised on how to look for any worrying concerns and deal with it appropriately. The first point of communication for anyone who has a concern about bullying, harassment or unwanted attention etc. is our Welfare Officer, Clare Crofts Tel: 07919 886 080

England Athletics

Everyone in Athletics has a part to play in safeguarding children and adults at risk, England Athletics aims to create an environment where everyone involved in athletics and running feels safe and welcome to enable them to be the best they can be.

Emma Davenport, Head of Clubs and Participation (England Athletics Safeguarding lead)

It is everyone’s responsibility to protect the welfare of all those who participate in athletics

Welfare covers a range of issues such as safeguarding and protecting children, anti-bullying, poor practice in coaching and disciplinary matters. It encompasses policies and procedures to set out minimum standards of expectations, such as codes of conduct, procedures to follow for dealing with child protection concerns, other welfare issues or complaints, and to ensure that England Athletics, clubs and associations meet their statutory responsibilities to safeguard and protect children and adults.

Welfare is essential to contribute to good practice within athletics, develop performance and to ensure the safety and enjoyment of athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers.  England Athletics recommend that Clubs should work through the England Athletics Club Welfare Framework and ensure they are compliant with all areas.  The framework can be found in the resource section of the website.

England Athletics Safeguarding Policies

The purpose of these policies is to demonstrate the commitment of UK Athletics and the four Home Counties Athletics Federations to build a safer future in athletics for everyone.

Guest Runners

Please complete a Guest Runner Form which provides Insurance Cover under our arrangements with England Athletics

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Runners of the Month – July 2022

Mary Scott
Andy Snow
Andrew Siggers

"Our Ladies Runner of the Month for August is Mary Scott who won the 100K Stour Valley Path race on pretty much the hottest day of the year.

Mary is running KHM on Sunday so be sure to cheer her on!

Over in the boy corner of RoM land, we find the one and only Andy Snow who took on the epic 215-mile (347km) Race Across Scotland, finishing in 16th place with a time of help your maths, that's the best part of 4 days on the move.

I think that's a trophy Andy is holding or maybe a haggis. Apologies to our Scottish viewers. Well done that man.

And a final RoM post for August is a very honourable mention for Andrew James Siggers who won the Lakeland 50 mile race, but we missed it as Andy is far too modest to publicise it and it was actually in July!

Anyway, Andy took on the prestigious Montane Lakeland 50, completing in a rapid time of 7:56:25, climbing nearly 10,000ft and eclipsing a field of 1327 Runners. Not bad for an ageing road runner from Warwickshire!

Another one racing KHM on Sunday, so give him a cheer - he'll be near the front"