Our one lap Half & 5k take the journey from the Race Start on the Warwick Rd, through the Historical & Picturesque 12th Century Kenilworth Castle, out into the beautiful Warwickshire countryside, all on closed roads.


Newsletter – 11th May, 2020

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This week we have two new initiatives to share with you to help you keep focused on your running through these restrictive times: –

First our Coaches Stef and Stewart have put together a weekly alternative session for all those trackies missing their weekly track fix covering the next 6 weeks to start with. I will post this weekly on Facebook to remind you what the week’s session is.

Secondly The Reinge Clinic, a specialist gait analysis and sports science centre, who were in the process of moving their well established business from Bristol to Kenilworth are running a one and a half hour on-line webinar on Gait analysis and injury prevention next Saturday morning at 10am. They normally charge £60 for a 1 hour one to one session but are charging £5 for the webinar with all proceeds going to Waverley Day Centre in Kenilworth, who are struggling at the moment with the lockdown. See below for details and how to book. I can personally recommend this as they were very helpful with my hamstring and foot injuries before they had to close their clinic in Warwick Road.


Can’t wait for the track to reopen?

Here’s a little something for all of you track fans missing your weekly speed fix. Try one of these each week for the next six weeks – we’ll post a reminder each week to keep you motivated and find out how you’re getting on. Just warm up, and find yourself a relatively flat surface, and away you go, speedy!

Week 1 – The devil’s dozen – 12 * 1 minute efforts (Hard), with 2 minutes slow jog recovery.

Week 2 – only half a dozen! –  6 * 3 minute efforts (@ 5k pace), with 5 minutes slow jog recovery 

Week 3 – wear your best shell suit for this 80s themed session – 10 * 80 seconds efforts (@ slightly quicker than 5k pace), with 2 minutes slow jog recovery.

Week 4 – Hammer time= 12 X 60 second efforts at 5k pace, but every 3rd effort run at mile pace. 

60 secs jog recovery. 

Week 5 – Double up= 45/90/45 secs efforts with same jog recovery, then 60/120/60 secs efforts with same jog recovery. Repeat 3 times with 2 minutes jog between sets. 

Week 6 – Over the peaks = 60/90/120/90/60 secs efforts with equal time jog recovery. Repeat 3 times. 

Remember to warm up with some mobility moves and a mile or so slow jog before you start any speed work – and don’t forget to cool down afterwards – keep your distance and stay safe out there.

All the best and see you soon – Stew and Stef

What is the secret of running efficiency? Learn how to improve your running gait, increase efficiency and lower your injury risk.

Running efficiency is essential to long term success in any form of distance running, whether 5k or ultramarathon. Join us for a whirlwind webinar where we discuss how to improve your running efficiency by looking at the way your foot strikes the floor when you run, common running injuries and how to assess your own shoes so you can start to make changes immediately.

This 1.5hr webinar runs on Saturday 16th May at 10am. All proceeds are being donated to Waverley Day Centre and essential charity to the people of Kenilworth.

Book up now: