Our one lap Half & 5k take the journey from the Race Start on the Warwick Rd, through the Historical & Picturesque 12th Century Kenilworth Castle, out into the beautiful Warwickshire countryside, all on closed roads.


Press Report – 10th March, 2020

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Inter-Counties Cross Country Championships

Four Kenilworth Runners competed for Warwickshire in the inter-counties championships in Loughborough this weekend with more boggy conditions and over-distance racing to test them.

All four of them earned their place through their recent performances and surpassing themselves over the winter season and deservedly earned their run out for Warwickshire.  The best result for Warwickshire involving Kenilworth Runners was in the Senior Women’s race where the country placed a respectable 10th.

Congratulations to Luke Cassidy our youngest ever youth member to win a Warwickshire Vest and represent his county in the Inter Counties Cross Country.

Senior Women

153Marie Matthews53:19

Under 20 Men

135Oliver Flippance38:28
159Oliver Lunn41:08

Under 13 Boys

270Luke Cassidy16:28

Victoria Park Half Marathon, London, 7th March 2020

Kenilworth Runners Dan Leng and Emma Ford took part in the Victoria Park Half Marathon in London this weekend. The course is 6.5 laps around the park which makes for quite a flat and pleasant course with a 5k and 10k also held at the same time on the same loop.

The problem with doing these 2-mile laps is that they both ended up having to overtake and zigzag between many people making it hard to settle on a rhythm and focus on pacing.  However both got PBs, Dan obliterating his previous PB and going sub 80mins for the first time in a time of 1:19:54, coming 8th overall out of 775 finishers. Emma got a PB in a time of 1:24:28, finishing 4th woman and 48th overall.

The race was won by Mike Boucher from Aldershot Farnham and District AC in 1:13:43 and there were 758 finishers.

Thanks to Emma for the Victoria Park writeup.

PosNameChipGen Pos
18DAN LENG01:19:5417
48EMMA FORD01:24:284

Florette Fradley 10k, Fradley Village, 8th March 2020

Fresh from running for Warwickshire in the Inter Counties XC event on Saturday, Oliver Flippance and Marie Matthews took on the two lap Fradley 10K on Sunday 8th March and both performed well. Ollie finished 22nd overall from over 1000 finishers in 37:51 and Marie 47th overall and 3rd female in 39:57.

Seven more Kenilworth Runners were running with Kerrie Flippance and Samantha Moffatt very pleased with new or close to PBs.

The course attracts many athletes trying to improve their best times because of its fairly flat nature. However the race is often affected by high winds which proved to the case on Sunday.

The race was won by Tom Charles from Trafford AC in 32:07 and there were 991 finishers.

Thanks to Dave P for the Fradley writeup.

22Oliver FlippanceM22nd00:37:51
47Marie MatthewsF3rd00:39:57
65Martin DorrillM59th00:41:01
196Kerrie FlippanceF28th00:48:31
252David PettiferM221st00:50:44
270Samantha MoffattF45th00:51:28
295Debbie StreetsF56th00:52:28
481Thomas DableM356th00:58:14
587Pauline DableF226th01:00:58

Draycote 20M and 10k, Draycote Water, 8th March 2020

Nine Kenilworth Runners headed to Draycote Water for this month’s instalment of races.  This month a 20 mile race was on offer alongside the regular 10k race, the longer distance proving popular with the runners training for their Spring marathon.

In the 20 mile race Keith Beasley ran home 2nd place in 2:07:00 and a double 2nd place finish for Kenilworth was completed by Laura Pettifer who came in 25th position in 2:35:36 landing her 2nd lady.

The 20M race was won by Ian Allen from Spa Striders in 1:54:02 and there were 156 finishers.

PosNameTimeGenderGen Pos
2Keith Beasley02:07:00Male2
25Laura Pettifer02:35:36Female2
33Nick Bolland02:41:44Male31
36Mark Alldritt02:43:30Male34
91Brendon Asprey03:20:12Male63

In the 10k race Stephen and Samantha Fowle were well placed for the club.  Stephen finished 10th with a time of 40:41 and Samantha grabbed another 2nd place ladies position, finishing 19th overall in a time of 42:37.

The 10k was won by Jack Edwards from Sphinx AC in 35:27 and there were 302 finishers.

PosNameTimeGenderGen Pos
10Stephen Fowle00:40:41Male10
19Samantha Fowle00:42:37Female2
29Rob Carr00:44:20Male24
49Amy Carr00:47:43Female8

Other News

Club Discount Code

PGH3 the club code for March is now valid.  Minimum spend £30.


15th March 2020 – 1st Club League Race at Warwick Parkrun

Parkrun Graduation

Congratulations to those who graduated from the Couch 2 5k programme at Parkrun this Saturday!  We look forward to running with you for many years to come!


Banbury parkrun

A total of 240 runners took part.

View full results for Banbury parkrun event #275

Position  Gender Position  parkrunner  Club  Run Time  
252Tracy EDWARDSKenilworth Runners00:24:07

Coventry parkrun

A total of 882 runners took part.

View full results for Coventry parkrun event #502

Position  Gender Position  parkrunner  Club  Run Time  
99Wayne BRIGGSKenilworth Runners00:19:04
2020Peter BRYANKenilworth Runners00:19:46
301Emma GARNETTKenilworth Runners00:20:07
3734Sat PHAGURAKenilworth Runners00:20:27
3835Eoin HANKINSONKenilworth Runners00:20:29
392Rebecca BEASLEYKenilworth Runners00:20:35
4339David WATTERSKenilworth Runners00:20:45
4642Rob CARRKenilworth Runners00:20:54
5247Alan MALIKKenilworth Runners00:21:10
653Louise ANDREWSKenilworth Runners00:21:43
794Jane KIDDKenilworth Runners00:22:25
846Becky PHAGURAKenilworth Runners00:22:32
9381Colin BAILEYKenilworth Runners00:22:44
9785Andrew MARSHKenilworth Runners00:22:49
10088Steve MULCASTERKenilworth Runners00:22:52
11198William LEWISKenilworth Runners00:22:59
113100David MORRISKenilworth Runners00:23:00
116102Stephen CHALKLEYKenilworth Runners00:23:05
11910Linda FULLAWAYKenilworth Runners00:23:12
13312Polly DUDLEY-CLAYDENKenilworth Runners00:23:35
13914Amy CARRKenilworth Runners00:23:44
154129David PETTIFERKenilworth Runners00:24:09
15721Sue MARSHALLKenilworth Runners00:24:11
16323Melissa JANDAKenilworth Runners00:24:17
18227Penny RUSBRIDGEKenilworth Runners00:24:43
24244Ingrid BARBERKenilworth Runners00:25:47
405283Thomas DABLEKenilworth Runners00:29:03
479137Gemma MCGOVERNKenilworth Runners00:31:11
577198Pauline DABLEKenilworth Runners00:33:23
593205Linzi BARNETTKenilworth Runners00:33:49
594362Lorne WILLIAMSKenilworth Runners00:33:50
600364Mark ALLDRITTKenilworth Runners00:33:57
652375Tom WILLIAMSKenilworth Runners00:34:54
704390Martin BELCHERKenilworth Runners00:36:16
724272Corinne HAYESKenilworth Runners00:37:03
727395Ian BAYNESKenilworth Runners00:37:06
762294Melanie Joan BEASLEYKenilworth Runners00:38:21
789315Liz WHEELERKenilworth Runners00:39:40
790414Andy SNOWKenilworth Runners00:39:41
795319Tracey ROOKEKenilworth Runners00:39:48
796415Samuel LEDSHAMKenilworth Runners00:39:49
837425Liam BROWNKenilworth Runners00:43:33

Leamington parkrun

A total of 422 runners took part.

View full results for Leamington parkrun event #467

Position  Gender Position  parkrunner  Club  Run Time  
1010Stewart UNDERHILLKenilworth Runners00:20:48
2523David OXTOBYKenilworth Runners00:21:59
321Stephanie LUNNKenilworth Runners00:22:20
3733Dez GORRINGEKenilworth Runners00:22:29
5649Richard J BEATTIEKenilworth Runners00:23:39
6355Chris LYONSKenilworth Runners00:24:03
12010Emma WREFORD-BUSHKenilworth Runners00:26:06
263169Chris LUNTLEYKenilworth Runners00:31:55

Moors Valley parkrun

A total of 588 runners took part.

View full results for Moors Valley parkrun event #223

Position  Gender Position  parkrunner  Club  Run Time  
173132Michael SCANDRETTKenilworth Runners00:26:51

Brueton parkrun

A total of 598 runners took part.

View full results for Brueton parkrun event #502

Position  Gender Position  parkrunner  Club  Run Time  
55Matt DYERKenilworth Runners00:17:55
87Joe CHICKKenilworth Runners00:18:52
7365Neil SMITHKenilworth Runners00:22:42
1078Daniella APAGYIKenilworth Runners00:24:05
33095Emily LOMAXKenilworth Runners00:30:53
340224Robert THOMPSONKenilworth Runners00:31:14

Cannon Hill parkrun, Birmingham

A total of 951 runners took part.

View full results for Cannon Hill parkrun, Birmingham event #482

Position  Gender Position  parkrunner  Club  Run Time  
355248Fred REXKenilworth Runners00:26:34

Durham parkrun

A total of 505 runners took part.

View full results for Durham parkrun event #415

Position  Gender Position  parkrunner  Club  Run Time  
1010Ryan BAKERKenilworth Runners00:19:03

Long Eaton parkrun

A total of 545 runners took part.

View full results for Long Eaton parkrun event #236

Position  Gender Position  parkrunner  Club  Run Time  
98Lewis SHEWARDKenilworth Runners00:16:49
2924Neil SHEWARDKenilworth Runners00:19:17

Tamar Lakes parkrun

A total of 153 runners took part.

View full results for Tamar Lakes parkrun event #283

Position  Gender Position  parkrunner  Club  Run Time  
11Paul ELWELLKenilworth Runners00:19:21
10748Catherine TAYLORKenilworth Runners00:36:25

Stamford Park parkrun

A total of 143 runners took part.

View full results for Stamford Park parkrun event #246

Position  Gender Position  parkrunner  Club  Run Time  
2017Damian HUDSONKenilworth Runners00:22:44

Stratford-upon-Avon parkrun

A total of 472 runners took part.

View full results for Stratford-upon-Avon parkrun event #206

Position  Gender Position  parkrunner  Club  Run Time  
88Dominic SHEPHERDKenilworth Runners00:18:52
157122David BROWNKenilworth Runners00:25:57
197143Robert GREENWAYKenilworth Runners00:27:18
278179Alistair POWELLKenilworth Runners00:30:28

Queenstown parkrun

A total of 120 runners took part.

View full results for Queenstown parkrun event #89

Position  Gender Position  parkrunner  Club  Run Time  
1813Stu MARTINKenilworth Runners00:22:10
8136Sue MARTINKenilworth Runners00:30:59

Warwick Racecourse parkrun

A total of 383 runners took part.

View full results for Warwick Racecourse parkrun event #19

Position  Gender Position  parkrunner  Club  Run Time  
1211Simon CORLEYKenilworth Runners00:19:24
1312David LEADLEYKenilworth Runners00:19:30
1413Roger HOMESKenilworth Runners00:19:34
1514Harry PUREWALKenilworth Runners00:19:43
2018Sean MITCHELLKenilworth Runners00:19:56
2927Adam HOMESKenilworth Runners00:20:38
3833Clive PEARCEKenilworth Runners00:21:23
4035Craig PHILLIPSKenilworth Runners00:21:43
5852Barry ELKINGTONKenilworth Runners00:22:36
23065Helen BAKERKenilworth Runners00:30:03
264166Rob SMARTKenilworth Runners00:31:19

Stratford Upon Avon Junior Parkrun – 8th March 2020

48Eliza Dudley Clayden14:15
53Tabitha Dudley Clayden14:50

There were 76 finishers.